The way to your customized made-to-measure leather suit

Choosing a custom-made suit is a decision to invest in your own safety. With a made-to-measure leather suit, you are equipped with one of the best possible outfits in every situation, and you are also optimally protected in the event of a crash. But before you are ready to ride with your leather suit, it is our job to produce your custom-made suit according to your wishes. This is what awaits you on the way to your personal Mithos leather suit:


  • The choice

You can either browse through our online shop, get inspired by other suits on our social media channels or simply drop by our shop where we can answer all your questions about your future suit. This is the basis for your decision whether you choose a custom-made suit with a completely individual design, one with a prefabricated Mithos design or a suit in a partner design that is financially supported by one of our partners. Either way, every suit is made to measure, the difference is only in the design.

  • The measurement

Once you have decided for a suit, we need your measurements. You can come to our official Mithos store in Baden, near Zürich, Switzerland, and get measured right here - but you can also go to one of our measuring partners or have your measurements taken by a professional dressmaker and send us the information. We don't recommend measuring yourself to avoid incorrect production. Wherever you get measured, you will need more than 20(auch in DE ersetzen) measurements to produce your suit. So that the suit fits you like a second skin. 

  • The configuration

Before we can start the production, we need your preferences: you can choose between cowhide or kangaroo leather, SAS-Tec or Paramount protectors and the type of perforation. Of course we are here to help you if you need support on any of these points - we are happy to advise! 

  • Airbag - yes or no?

Our suits are all available with airbags. You can decide for yourself whether you want a suit without an airbag, one with an airbag preparation or one with a fully installed airbag. You can find more information about the TecAir airbag here 

  • Personalisation

Depending on the suit you have chosen, you can now add your own individual look. With the personalised design, you are free to choose your own colours, patterns and logos. With the Mithos designs, you can choose between different colour combinations - the partner combos are available in the configurations chosen by the partner.  

  • The test of patience

Selected, measured, configured and designed. Now the most difficult part awaits you: the waiting. We have your suit individually manufactured and deliver it to you after 6-10 weeks, depending on the selected configuration. As we all know, anticipation is the greatest joy - although in this case we are not quite so sure, because ...

  • Congratulations - you joined our flight!

... after a few weeks, your leather suit is ready for collection. Either we send your custom-made suit directly to your home, or you come by and have everything checked again. Do the seams, the sizes and the protectors fit? Do you feel comfortable and are you ready to ride? Then nothing more will prevent you from enjoying your ride.

And if you now like to have your own design, you can even have your own helmet or a new LS2 carbon helmet individually painted to match your custom leather suit. We have a wide range of gloves as well, which can also be completely customised if required. Come and see us - we'll inspire you. We look forward to seeing you!