Mithos Sport, founded in 2012 as " Arcuoso " by Bruno Zimmerli, was born out of the ambition to make the highest level of safety in racing equipment accessible to all motorbike riders. "Where there's a will, there's a way" was the motivation behind the initial project. Months of research into safety requirements, materials, norms and manufacturing possibilities for leather suits kept Bruno Zimmerli on his toes at the beginning. Those who supported Mithos from the very first minute and are still part of the family today, amongst others, include the former World Championship rider Sito Pons with his two sons Alex and Edgar Pons. Thanks to their input from the perspective of professional riders, Mithos, then called Arcuoso, was able to meet the demands of motorbike racers at the highest level right from the first development phase.

In 2013, the efforts of the early months paid off: the first prototype, the first Arcuoso mass leather suit, was presented. The custom suit was worn by Edgar Pons during a test in Jerez. The first Arcuoso suit was not entirely convincing, but the enthusiasm for the first Swiss-made custom leather suit was great. Further developments were made, problems were corrected, and finally, in 2015, the company entered the world championship as an outfitter. A step that not only entailed working with world-renowned racers, but was also proof for Arcuoso at the time that they had managed to meet the highest safety standards of international professional racing. The entry into the world championship was again accompanied by the Pons family at the beginning. It was Edgar and Axel Pons who first wore the tailored suits in the World Championship races.

A short time later, Arcuoso was given a new look: aligned with the already existing fashion label "Mithos", the successful leather suit manufacturer became "Mithos Sport", and the range was also continuously expanded to include other products in the area of safety and lifestyle. Today, Mithos works together with more than 15 M-bassadors who participate in the World Championships as well as in other renowned championships and are always safe on the road thanks to Mithos tailored suits.

In recent years, Mithos, together with numerous partners, has gone a long way in the development of safety equipment - today a first stage of the vision of Mithos Sport has been reached: to make safety equipment of the highest level accessible to everyone. Raw materials, protectors and production processes are carefully selected and planned. The possibility of customising each custom racing suit as desired also makes it possible to adapt the look of one's own safe custom leather suit to one's own wishes and ideas. However, Mithos also approaches its other products with exactly the same high standards: gloves, also made to measure if desired, sliders, protectors and lifestyle products are also part of Mithos Sport's current range. All according to the company's own highest standards: Developed in Switzerland, in use worldwide. Mithos Sport is the right choice for you if you love your life as much as you love your bike.

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