Riding a motorcycle is a high-risk sport - both on the road and on the race track. Nevertheless, we love the feeling of freedom - all the more important that we protect ourselves appropriately. Such as with a motorcycle airbag. How an airbag system works, how much a motorcycle airbag costs and what kind of maintenance expenses you have to expect with an airbag, you will learn in this article. 

How much does a motorcycle airbag system cost

We sell our Mithos custom leather suits with the multiple variants of the Alpinestars TechAir system, depending on your needs. According to which motorcycle airbag you choose, the purchase price ranges from 620.- to 1'250.- (excl. leather suit). At Mithos Sport you can order your suit either without airbag, with a TechAir 5, a TechAir Race or a TechAir 10.

Airbag: Did you know?

Airbag systems are still relatively new to motorcycling, but there are already many different versions of this safety equipment. You can wear a motorcycle airbag either over or under your leather suit. Depending on the model, the airbag (for example the Alpinestars TechAir 5) can even be combined with a leather jacket.


What does it mean when a leather suit is "airbag-prepared"?

You can order your suit without airbag, but airbag-prepared. This means that the suit is prepared in terms of fitting, as well as the placement of the stretch areas, so that an airbag has room in it, and more space can be created in case the airbag deploys. If an airbag is used in a leather suit that is not TechAir-ready, either the airbag may not deploy properly because the space is not there - if the seams are not strong enough, depending on the suit or material, the jacket may also burst apart.


How expensive is a motorcycle airbag system to maintain?

The purchase is the biggest investment when it comes to motorcycle airbags. After that, you only have to count on costs for maintenance, or in case of a crash, for recharging or repairing. Approximate values for this are the following:

  • 2-yearly check of the airbag system: 99.-
  • Recharging after a crash: 380.-


How often can a motorcycle airbag deploy

An airbag system such as the TechAir Race can deploy twice - this means that if you crash your motorcycle on the race track, you can still continue riding if you are uninjured and have another cartridge in the airbag that will deploy if you crash again. The TechAir 10 can deploy 1x - just like the TechAir Race if you use it in street mode. After that, the motorcycle airbags need to be recharged.


How does a motorcycle airbag system work?

Basically, there are two types of functionality. The one airbags are equipped with numerous sensors that measure your movements. If these movements are faster than usual or otherwise deviate from the movements defined as "normal", the airbag is triggered. In other airbags, which are usually worn over standard safety gear, the airbag is connected to the motorcycle via a ripcord. If this connection is interrupted, as in the case of a fall, the airbag is triggered.
As soon as the motorcycle airbag receives the signal to deploy - whether mechanically or through the electronic sensors, the airbag cushions fill with air within fractions of a second. Usually these cushions are located in the area of the back, chest and shoulders - but with the Alpinestars TechAir10, the protection even extends to the torso and hips.