Die 5 Sicherheitsfaktoren von Masskombis

It is not without reason that the professional riders at the top of the world motorbike championships wear custom-made suits. The customised designs with their own logos and team colours are of course not the only reason for this, as customised leather suits offer safety at the highest level from various aspects. The following five safety factors make a significant contribution to this: The leather used Different types of leather can be used for leather suits, whether you wear a one-piece or two-piece leather suit. The most commonly used types of leather are cowhide with a thickness of about 1.2 mm and the slightly lighter kangaroo leather with a thickness of about 1.0 mm. Regardless of whether it is cowhide...

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Der Weg zu deinem individuellen Masskombi

THE WAY TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMISED LEATHER SUIT Choosing a custom-made suit is a decision to invest in your own safety. With a made-to-measure leather suit, you are equipped with one of the best possible outfits in every situation, and you are also optimally protected in the event of a crash. But before you are ready to ride with your leather suit, it is our job to produce your custom-made suit according to your wishes. This is what awaits you on the way to your personal Mithos leather suit:   The choice You can either browse through our online shop, get inspired by other suits on our social media channels or simply drop by our shop where we can answer...

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